I grew up in Fremont, Nebraska, graduated from Fremont High, and received my B.A and M. F. A. from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  I spend my days in my studio at our rural home east of Lincoln and exhibit throughout the region.  My husband, Art, and I have two children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in Lincoln.

Painting for me is a contemplative effort.

I paint pictures that reference elements from nature, or other objects that interest me.  I set up those items in my studio and work directly from them.  I am fascinated by the translation from eye, or brain, to hand resulting in an image on canvas.  The deep concentration that happens in the process of creating a painting is both satisfying and addictive.

The country setting where I live and work provides a serene atmosphere and an endless supply of subject matter.   Flowers from my garden and from the ditches as well as bird nests blown from the trees are some of my favorite objects from nature.  I often pair them with glass bottles that I have collected over the years.  Regardless of my choice of objects for a specific painting, my main concern is always resolving the composition using all I have learned about the elements and principles of design.  Responding to my surroundings and applying my knowledge are key when I make art.